Best Hair Oils For Fast Hair Growth

Who does not love long hair? Everyone loves. Right? So in this post, I am sharing some best hair oils for fast hair growth, use any of the oil and get long hair fastly. Are you suffering from hair loss? and day by day you are counting the hair fails during doing comb and bathing. Hey lady, please don’t worry here is the good news for you, because there are some better hair oils available which can fasten your hair growth. These best hair oils can help you to get rid of hair loss. There are many experts say that good hair oils are one of the best remedies for hair loss.

There is the different-different opinion about hair grow with hair oil. Some people directly reject this concept and they say that you can not achieve faster hair growth using hair oils. But also there is some live example and real example too. There are many ladies who have long hair say that hair oils help them to get long hair. So if your is thin and not so long, then, in my opinion, you must use these best hair oil for your hair growth.

So here is the list of best hair oils of 2017

1. Garlic oil

Garlic oil is one of the best hair oil for faster hair growth. But like other hair oils, you can not get it from the market. You will have to make it at your home. This oil can be made using garlic clove at your home.


  • Olive oil – ½ cup
  • 2 garlic cloves

First of all, Minced the garlic clove. Now take a small bowl and mixed the olive oil and minced garlic clove. Now You have to warm pan a little bit and put the garlic and olive mixture in it. Please remember you do not have to heat the pan too much.

Now leave it for one or two hours, after that you can use this oil. It is one of the naturally made oil for your hair. It can be very effective for hair growth and get rid of hair loss.

Put your finger in oil and apply oil on your hair such that the oil touches the root of every hair. If the oil will touch the root, then it will be beneficial, and it will feed the hair and make your hair stronger.

2 . Castor Hair Oil

Castor hair oil is one of the best hair oil for hair loss and hair growth. Castor oil is very rich in Vitamin E, proteins and other minerals and also it is viscous in nature. Due to its viscous nature, it is little hard to wash your hair, but this oil is very useful for your hair. If you want to make less viscous, you can add the same amount of other oil like coconut or olive oil in it, then apply to your hair.

It also helps to remove dandruff and other issues from your hair because it has anti-microbial characteristics. For better result, apply castor oil in the night, then leave it for the full night. Next day wash your hair using any shampoo.

3. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is our traditional hair oil. Since the very long time our ancient people were using coconut oil for grooming their hair. It is good hair oil for better and strong hair. Coconut hair oil helps to get longer hair very quickly. From my childhood, my mom us

ed to say that coconut gives long hair in quick time.

It gives soft and longer hair, after using coconut hair oil your hair will be shiny too. There are more other daily uses of coconut oil.

4. Olive Oil

Olive oil is also best for hair growth. It comes on 4th position my list. But it has many benefits for hair. Olive oil can make your hair stronger, smoother and longer too. So using olive oil may be beneficial for you.  There are many other benefits of the olive oil for the hair

Less Dandruff: Yes, you have listened me right. Olive oil removes dandruff faster from the hair. As everyone dandruff are harmful to here. It goes into the inner layer of the hair skin and also make your hair stronger and helps in hair growth.

Shiny hair: The benefit of Olive oil is not ending yet. More to come, yes it makes shiny hair. Use olive oil every week and then see the magic of this oil. How this oil is helping you a to z hair treatment.

How to use?

Just warm the olive oil, wait for few minutes. Then apply it on your hair and also on the hair root. Then leave it for the whole night. Wake up in the morning and wash your hair with shampoo.


Thank you once again for being on my blog. I love when you read my content. So hope you have liked this blog post about best hair oil. In this post, I have discussed best hair oils to get long hair, to get rid of hair loss, to remove dandruff from our hair. So according to your like, you may go with any of the hair oils which are listed above. All the hair oils are very useful.

If you have any suggestion or question, please do comment below and let me know.

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