Amazing Visit to Akshardham New Delhi

Hello everyone! Welcomes you at, this post travel to Akshardham is my first post in the travel section. So hope you will like this post. With my friends, I went to Akshardham last Friday and I enjoyed a lot. The place is full of peace and devotion. I can bet that your visit will be memorable as mine is for always now.

So if you also want to visit then here I am going to share some of my experience and view with you. Hope you will find it helpful. Before going to travel tips and all let’s take some introduction about Akshardham.

Swaminarayan Akshardham, New Delhi

Important Notes

Inside the Temple camera, phones, and any other electronic gadgets are not allowed.

The Temple is closed on Monday.

Every day the temple close 6 PM in evening.

My Journey

So here is my complete journey of Akshardham. I stayed near at New Delhi Railway station in a hotel with friends and I have to visit the Akshardham. So we wake up in morning around 8 AM, then we took the breakfast and we got ready till 10 AM.

Now we all were ready to go to Akshardham. We had chosen Metro for the travel to Akshardham. We could take Cab but we thought to go with metro get more enjoyment to see more about Delhi.


So let me tell you the route

New Delhi to Rajeev Chowk [Yellow Line]

[Rajeev Chowk is second next stoppage from the New Delhi followed by Chawri Bazar.]

The travel to Rajeev Chowk will take hardly 5 minutes. Then change the metro at Rajeev chowk. Now come to the Blue line Metro for Akshardham.

Just take the metro which is going to Noida City Center only. There will be two type of metro from that Blueline platform. One for Vaishali and another for Noida City Center from the same platform, take Noida City center one.

After around 20 minutes, you will reach out to Akshardham metro station. Just check out from the metro station. From metro station, 5-minute walk to Akshardham temple Delhi.

In this 5 minute of walk, we talked lots about our recent metro journey. We talked many things. After laughing and talking we reached to the gate of Akshardham Temple.

Then after entering there will be some security check inside. Then you will be in main temple campus. Keep walking.

Now, you will be in walking mode.


Just you will get a gate, after few minutes of walking. Enter in it, you will see some Murti. You will also see many receptionists there. It is recommended to take a guide map of the Akshardham Temple. It will cost you around 5 Rupees. By reading that full guide you can visit the temple.

After that, we went to the main temple. Before the main temple, there is a boot-house to wear off the boot. This is one of the Good facilities by Akshardham temple.

Further, we went to the main temple, and after entering I got shocked by the architecture of the temple. That is truly amazing. It was like an amazing moment for me. In the main temple, there is a huge Murti of Swami Narayan along with other Hindu God and Goddess.

After visiting the main temple, I visited whole around it.

Then further we went for water show that is chargeable. [Around 200-300 INR/Head]

Source: Google Images

Food Point

Final Words

Thank you for coming to this post and giving your valuable time. Hope you have liked this post. I will recommend you to visit the temple once.

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