The Best Late Summer and Early Autumn Christians Festivals Celebrated in Andalucia

You can party in Andalucia every single day. Andalucians celebrate numerous festivals each month. Andalucia celebrates more than 3000 fiestas every year, including fairs, pilgrimages, carnivals, and mock battles between Moors & Christians. The religious processions in the various communities are also enjoyed by the visitors.

Every village or town has a unique patron saint, and each town also holds a yearly procession. You can learn a lot about Andalusians by taking part in the fascinating festivals. Local festivals offer a wonderful opportunity to see a spectacular show. Visitors from far and wide also enjoy the festivities and celebrations. If you have visited Costa del Sol, but not participated in any of the festivals and fairs that are held there, then you’ve missed out on a great opportunity to experience life.

Each year, the first Andalucian Festival is held in Seville. The last festival in San Pedro de Alcantara takes place at mid-October. The streets of the city are decorated during the festival. In the streets, tables and chairs with loud music are placed where people can serve themselves and their drinks. All ages participate in these festivals, singing and dancing. The festival is full of fun with children’s rides, entertainment including live music and dancing and bar.

Mojacar celebrates another important festival. This festival celebrates events from the time of the Catholic Monarchs’ reconquest. The festivals take place in mid-June. During the festival, there are street parades and dramas as well as concerts, dances, fireworks, concerts etc. A grand parade featuring formal costumes, armaments and band is the final event.

Marbella celebrates the San Barnabe Festival on 11th June. Marbella pays homage to its patron saint. The festival lasts for a whole week. The fireworks are displayed on the beach of the El Fuerte Hotel the night before San Bernabe. This festival is full with color, culture, and traditions. Enjoy food, drinks, entertainment, and dancing.

The Costa del Sol celebrates the Noche de San Juan on the 23rd of June. It is one of the most magical evenings in AndalucAa. This pagan tradition celebrates the longest night of the year – the Summer Solstice. The Costa del Sol and Marbella are home to many bonfires that symbolize purification.

In the provinces of Granada, Almeria and Granada are very popular festivals celebrating Moors and Christians. Festivals are celebrated at different times in various villages, cities, and towns. The festivals are held to commemorate when Christians expelled the Moors from Spain. People drink, dance, and listen to live music while mock battles are held. The streets are decorated in medieval fashion and locals wearing colorful uniforms that represent both sides are dressed up as well. These Moors and Christian festivals will allow you to experience the real Spanish culture and tradition.

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