Enjoy Luxury Holidays Almost Touching the Mediterranean Sea

It is an ideal place for a summer holiday. You can choose between many resorts where you will enjoy luxurious amenities, delicious food, lots of sun, and relaxing beaches. The best Mediterranean Beaches that touch the Mediterranean Sea include:

Costa Rei, Sardinia, Italy

Costa Rei lies on the south-east coast of Sardinia. This is one of best beaches on the Mediterranean. Enjoy a white, long beach with fine sand and breathtaking views. It is a clear, deep water. The beach is easily accessible and can be visited by families with young children. Small kiosks offer a variety of services, including coffee and drinks. This is the perfect beach for soaking up the sun with family and friends.

Cala Soraja Island of Spargi Sardinia Italy

Cala Soraja, another beautiful beach on an island that you can access by boat is located in the area. This is a secret beach that few people visit. This is a quiet place to enjoy your holidays. It is best to go on the beach in the early morning hours or during sunset. The beach is small. Bring food, sunscreen, and water if you plan to spend the day at the beach. This is the perfect beach destination.

Lucice Bay in Croatia

Lucice Bay can be found on Brac. Bracis, the largest Dalmatian island is one of Croatia’s most beautiful parts. This is an unusual beach located in southwest part of the island. You can access this secluded, untouched beach via Milna’s small road. It is a crescent-shaped beach. Climb up to the top of the hill for a spectacular view. A small beachside restaurant offers a delicious meal.

Tel Aviv (Israel)

Tel Avis has the most beautiful beach at all times of the year. The beach stretches for miles along the coastline. Locals, tourists and beach surfers love the beach. Women, women, dogs and locals also enjoy it. Every day, you can enjoy the stunning Mediterranean sunset. The most popular day to visit the beach is Saturday, because in Israel most stores and shops are closed. People go to the beach in order to relax.

Arutas, Sinis Peninsula, Sardinia, Italy

This is the most beautiful beach. It is covered with quartz pebbles that are small, soft, colored, resembling grains of rice, and come in all the natural colors. The pebbles have different colors, including white, gold, and pink. They sparkle in the sun, but are also soft to touch. Water is deep, transparent and cold. This beach is situated in the Sinis Peninsula, one of Sardinia’s most scenic areas. The ancient Greek-Phoenician city of Tharros is only a few kilometers from the beach.

There are many beaches that you can visit with family and friends to spend a luxurious vacation. You can also book a resort near the beach for the sun and the other amenities.

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