Villas for Rent in Lloret De Mar – Alessa – A Magnificent Holiday Castle

Lloret de Mar is a very popular summer vacation destination on the Costa Brava. Many British visitors choose Lloret de Mar villas for staying happily. Lloret de Mar has a significant place in the Costa Brava. There are many casinos and discos in this region, which keep tourists and locals busy all night. This beautiful resort has so many things to offer that choosing one of the villas is a great choice.

Alessa, a beautiful castle for holidays near Lloret de Mar. The villa is only 3km from the sea. Villa has 16 rooms, private pool, spacious terrace with seating, barbeque and a large outdoor area. This villa provides all of the amenities and comforts for its visitors.

Open the balcony and enjoy the stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and greenery. Everything in the villa has been well-maintained. The rooms look impressive. Villa Alessa looks like a castle in the Spanish sunshine. The villa is comfortable for everyone, even when you have a large group. Enjoy the view from your private pool. The pool has enough room to lounge and enjoy the sun. The terrace has benches and a seating area next to the pool so you can take in the view. On a separate terrace, you can enjoy a barbecue with your family and a tasty piece of meat grilled over a fire while sipping Spanish wine.

Inside the villa, it is equally stunning. Villa has a contemporary look and it is decorated in beautiful colors. It is a relaxing, cozy atmosphere inside. It is the perfect place for your family to gather in the living room. You can relax in the kitchen, which is fully equipped with modern amenities.

Cala Canyelles, a beautiful sandy beach is only 3km from the villa. The beach is beautiful with lovely rocks and sand. A beach bar is available where you can have a drink. Rentable parasols and lounge chairs are located on the beach. You can spend the entire day in the centre of Lloret de Mar, which is 4km away. There are bars, shops, restaurants and other entertainment options. The water park is a great place to spend time with family. The slides are available all day. The Marine Land is a great place for your whole family to enjoy. You can swim and watch other shows. The water park is also a Dolphinarium. You can also visit the Gala-Dali castle in Pubol to experience the local culture. Tossa De Mar, which is not far away from Pubol, also has fortresses and towers dating back to the Middle Ages. Tossa is a beautiful coastal town and the route there is worth taking.

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