How Do People in Begur Celebrate the Fira D’Indians Festival?

Costa Brava celebrates a variety of fairs and events. Some festivals are well-known all over the world. Fira D’Indians or Indianos Festival in Begur are two of these festivals. This traditional fair in Begur, a small village is very well attended.

This festival is not connected to the Indians or American Aboriginals. Indianos are a group of Spanish people who migrated to Latin America in search of a better lifestyle and returned home as millionaires.

The Indianos are a large population in Begur and the majority of them live in Cuba. This festival’s main theme is Begur-Cuba friendship.

It begins on the first of September, and ends late on Sunday night. In 2004, the first festival was held and it became a huge success. The festival was then made annual. The festival is three days long and brings a great deal of entertainment and fun to the town of Begur. It begins with a formal opening by people associated with the Indies and political figures.

The first night, different locations in the city host music and dancing. The next day there are several activities for kids, such as chocolate-making workshops and cocktail classes. The last day sees modern-day dames parade through the town with their sports cars from the past and sing habaneras on the beach.

The shopping is an important aspect of every fair. Fira d’Indians also includes shopping. Cuban coffee, cocoa and rum are available, as well as cured meats and herbs and spices, along with chocolates and sweets. Dress code for the fair is white linen clothing and straw hat. You can choose a dress if you don’t have one. The fair also offers traditional items such as baskets, fishing nets and forged metal products. The fair has a large selection of items to buy if you wish to remember the festival for the rest of your life.

The festival also offers Latin American music at early hours. At any moment, you can tap your foot anywhere. During the fair, there are many musical events. The festival includes many Habanera traditional songs, street performances, and colonial-era recreation activities.

Mojito is the most popular drink during the festival. The mojito is available at all corners in Begur-branded glasses that can be kept as souvenirs. The drink is served with delicious snacks as part of the fair.

It is worth visiting Begur in this time of year to enjoy the festival, which gets bigger every year.

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