Charter Away to the Preakness

It’s over. The Kentucky Derby has been completed. The Kentucky Derby is over. A horse has won, and he/she will be the favorite (usually) for the Preakness. The Preakness is an annual flat horse race for three-year-old thoroughbreds that takes place two weeks after Kentucky Derby, and three weeks prior to the Belmont Stakes.The race takes place at Pimlico Race Course, in Baltimore Maryland. It is 9.5 miles long. The first race was held in 1873, and it has traditionally been second only in terms of attendance to the Kentucky Derby.You can charter a private jet to take you, your family and friends to the event on time.You can charter a jet for less than you think, and you get to choose the schedule. You can forget about waiting in long security lines and having to sit for many hours. Chartering is a great alternative. Charter jets offer plenty of leg, arm, and shoulder room, and the seats can be configured to your liking. You can enjoy entertainment on your fingertips, have a galley to prepare meals or snacks while you’re flying and know that your luggage is always with you. No baggage carousel for you!Arrive refreshed, happy and just in time to enjoy the Maryland party and sing Maryland My Maryland. You can see the painter paint the winning colors on the jockey and horse that are adorned by the weathervane after the race. You will be there when the winner gets his Black Eyed Susan blanket, which is the Maryland state flower. However, they cannot use the real flowers because they do not bloom until July. It’s our secret.Secretariat, the super star horse of racing, still holds the record for Preakness Stakes. In 1973, he won the Preakness Stakes in 1:53. This was his middle race in a Triple Crown. Chartering allows you to be an international star.

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